Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shelly and Lucy #2

Shelly at half past ten stood in the lobby of Lucy's apartment building. Her hands were sweaty. Her heart thumping. Calm down stupid girl, you're acting like this is the first time. She hadn't seen Lucy in four years and who was she kidding, maybe that kiss meant nothing. That had been at Shelly's apartment and in a way she wished they hadn't kissed. She couldn't think straight ever since. If only Shelly could scratch this itch maybe her desire for Lucy would go away. 

She pushed the elevator button and watched as it descended. It's doors flung open and there stood Lucy with a wicked grin. 

"Come here silly girl," Lucy said going in for a hug.

Shelly pushed her back, not sure what to do. She couldn't let her in that easily, even though she wanted her.

"Playing hard to get is that it?" Lucy said, backing Shelly to the wall. "Kiss me, I know you want to."

"No... no I d-don't."

"Liar." Lucy kissed Shelly.

Shelly fought for air. She tried turning her head away, anything to stop this invasion. Oh God, her lips were so soft. Her kisses so wet. 

Lucy yanked at the buttons of Shelly's blouse until one-by-one they popped off, dropping to the floor like pebbles. Lucy's hungry mouth seeking Stacey's cleavage. Lucy reached around and unfastened Shelly's bra, hastily moving it aside. She captured one of Shelly's pink nipples into her mouth, sucking hard. Her fingers went low and reached under Shelly's skirt and slipped into her panties.

The elevator doors opened and Lucy walked out and called over her shoulder. "I'll see you next week.