Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shelly and Lucy #1

This is a yet untitled WIP

I grabbed my iphone and pressed my sweaty fingers against the touch screen. My fat fingers hitting the wrong numbers, possibly on purpose. My pulse raced. My heart pounded. I panted feeling like a school girl although I was way beyond the age of thirty. My mind raced. As the phone rang... I silently prayed, don't pickup, don't pick up! 

Please God don't let her pick up! 

Five rings, isn't that enough to constitute hanging up before she actually answered? I bit my lip, the salty taste of my own blood jarred me into reality. I hung up and took in a gasp of oxygen that I had been depriving my lungs. That was close. I went back to my computer, keeping my phone well within reach, just in case she called back. She'd call back wouldn't she? Do I want her to? I hoped and prayed yet dreaded talking to her. It had been too long and I was so not in the place that I could handle the situation or so I keep telling myself. I just want to... die. Tears well in my eyes and I batted at them with my shirt sleeve. 

Take a breath Shelly, just take a breath, I kept telling myself.

My iphone lit up with the jingle of a club mix, something Madonna. My chest tight, I inhaled sharply. I reached my shaking hand and answered in my bravest voice, "Hello."

"Hey girl, what's up," Lucy said like she had no idea what turmoil she was inflicting on me, but yet it was me that called. It was me that emailed her a week ago. I couldn't put this on nobody but me. All thought of my current situation flew out the door. My fiancé Bill, all of it. I was faced to deal with the consequences of this action, I hoped not, but how could I not think.

Memories came flooding back in an instant like it had just happened yesterday.

I kissed Lucy that first time on my couch, and she told me admittedly, I'm not going to make love to you even though I want to." Liquid fire raced into my lower region, feeling moist almost instantly at her suggestion. I nearly groaned aloud. 

Our lips meshed together, neither forceful or seeking, curious may be more the word. It's always strange kissing a girl, but I like it. I really do. Her lips were so soft against mine, her tongue softly seeking mine and when I let it in my mouth, I suckled it gently. I pulled back and kissed first her upper lip and then biting her lower, softly not trying to inflict pain. I groaned loudly and it was over.

"I better leave now," Lucy said standing. I walked her to the door and she hugged me just then, hard like a bear hug. It's not the breast to breast action I was hoping for but it would make do for now.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Am I crazy or what, I happen to think that even if you are breathtakingly beautiful you would still find some imperfection if you looked in the mirror. What is so sexy to me is when woman acts like she doesn't have a clue.

Arrogance is never attractive, but it gives readers a reason to hate you unless you are male and hot as Hell. I believe a good love/hate relationship needs to exist within the confines of a romance, if it's too easy why even bother. Readers don't want easy, they want conflict and flaws, plenty of flaws. Nobody is perfect, right? Even if you think that they are, you need to feel compelled to find a reason to either feel bad for them or root for them. 

Readers get mad for a variety of reasons. Yes, a woman can get all tingly when they meet a man they think there is no way they'll stand a chance with. It happens. Just because you have never experienced it doesn't mean it's not possible, everything is possible in the confined of a book if you believe it can be. 

Yes, I'm leaning in the romance direction as I feel compelled to do so. It's not erotica just yet, but I won't let that hold me back. I will write the story where it leads and go from there. I have no idea where and why it will get there only that in the end it will.